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Wait Until Dark | Hong Kong Rep

May 2014 | Hong Kong City Hall Theatre

Wait Until Dark is a new Cantonese-language version of the play by Frederick Knott, translated for the casual theatre audience as 《盲女驚魂》 – something like ‘blind woman: scary’. Strangely the author fails to get a mention on their website, unlike Audrey Hepburn. In fact, they seem to be implying that this is an ‘original stage version’ of the film version?

This makes very little difference, as the performance is a dreary attempt at 1960s drawing room realism, whose only claim to ‘originality’ is the change in language. The setting makes no concession to the actors, attempting something enthusiastically London-esque from the 1960s. The set is indeed fantastically detailed, and as an installation piece this would be an impressive work of art, spoiled only by a few key elements obviously impossible to acquire in Hong Kong – most notably a rotary dial telephone and a Western-style sink.