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Sophocles’ Antigone | Natassa Triantafylli

June, 2013 | The Benaki Museum, Athens

Sophocles’ Antigone at the Benaki Museum, directed by Natassa Triantafylli and part of the Athens festival was performed in a very promising space – the museum’s central courtyard. Seating was provided by the local tennis club (presumably), but the other architectural elements were richly complex and allowed for a lot of intricate spatial relationships.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positives end. I am told that the actors participating were well-known and even award-winning in Greece. Perhaps their physical ineptitude and awkwardness is usually masked by the audience’s concentration on the text, but unfortunately while I know the text extremely well, my not being Greek made me concentrate on other elements more. Perhaps they are film actors. I have seen amateur Shakespeare perpetrated in the UK with far less shuffling of feet and vague wandering around.