The Feather Catcher | Filskit Theatre

May 2013 | The Warren, Brighton Fringe

It’s perhaps just a coincidence that two companies of Rose Bruford graduates performing at The Warren in Brighton Fringe have shows called The (Something) Catcher, aimed at kids, with live music provided by a reed based instrument. However, it seems to be a very successful combination. The Feather Catcher is the offering from Filskit Theatre, who are becoming known for their use of pico projectors and storytelling.

The group makes great use of the projection, replacing complex projection mapping technology with a simple hand-held pico projector from the front of the stage. It is clear from the audience of children of all ages and their families that this loses none of the magic of what is being done, and I was never distracted by the presence of the operator front and centre – attention is directed well onto the interaction of the performers onstage with the projected image.